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The Chick-Fil-A Controversy: Who is the Real Victim of Discrimination Here?

8 Aug

Ugh. Again, misinformation and selective hyper-sensitivity continue to plague our society. What the man, a devout Catholic said on a religious talk show was that he “supports traditional marriage” as do all Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Jews, 48 of our wonderful states, and the federal government. I mean really, is that such a surprise that a Catholic supports traditional marriage?? And in fact, the term gay wasn’t even mentioned in the interview.

So why all the shock? Why not boycott all religions and the 48 states that don’t allow gay marriage? And since when did support of one thing become hate of another?? What kind of backwards self-serving logic is that? If I support the U.S., do I hate Canada? If I support women’s right to abortion do I HATE children?? I mean, that’s what you’re saying here, really.

This man simply stated his belief in traditional marriage as a Catholic, just as anyone would assume he would. Just as a homosexual would support gay marriage, no surprise there either. Would that mean they hate straight people? According to this logic, yes.

So in sum, the only hate or bigotry really going on here is that of those who are boycotting and protesting against Chick-Fil-A… because the owner is Catholic.

Explain how I’m wrong-

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