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4 Priceless Tenets to Live By

4 Aug

1. When in doubt, say nothing.


2. Trust that “gut feeling”. Your subconscious picks up on so much more than you realize.


3. With rare exception, less is almost always more. You can always add in the future, but never subtract from the past.


4. Try to please everyone and you please no one. Always do what YOU feel is correct.


Great Advice — Controlling Your Reality

25 Dec

“I have nothing” can just as easily be turned into “I have nothing to lose.” Frame your life for success.

Who Could Disagree With This Platform??

25 Nov

STEP ONE: The Question.

Liberals and Conservatives can fight over their pet issues until they turn blue. But as I see it, there are only about 4 areas of policy that are realistically still up for debate:

  • The Economy/Social “Issues”

  • Foreign Policy

  • National Security

  • The Environment/Green Initiative

Am I wrong?? Do correct me if I am.

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LA County’s Next District Attorney

25 Oct

Not only do I completely agree with all of Mr. Jackson’s policies and beliefs, I worked for him at the District Attorney’s office and can verify that he is 100% genuine and everything we need in a District Attorney. He’s a trial lawyer, not a politician, and Alan Jackson lives and breathes justice, honor, and humanity. I could not think of ANYONE more qualified to protect the citizens of Los Angeles County. Knowing this man personally, I can say without reservation, that no one else will work as earnestly and tirelessly to promote our safety and well-being as Alan Jackson. Be sure to vote for Alan Jackson on November 6th.



Giving Bill Maher The Business

16 Oct

Giving Bill Maher The Business

Dear Mitt Romney,

9 Aug

Why give this newest ad validation by attempting to defend yourself by showing how supportive and caring you were when your wife had cancer? Not only is this, “Mitt Romney killed my wife and doesn’t care” smear campaign commercial completely misrepresenting the facts, even if they were true it doesn’t make one bit of sense.

The Advertisement: The husband, Joe Soptic, worked for Bain Capital, was laid off, lost his health insurance that was also covering his wife, she got cancer and died 22 days later. It’s Mitt Romney’s fault, and he doesn’t care that she died.

The Facts: The husband was let go when the company was shut down in 2001. His wife worked elsewhere and had her own health insurance through that employer until she left that job due to an injury to her rotator cuff. So her health coverage had nothing to do with her husband’s unemployment, she had her own until she chose to leave her job. And it was not until some FIVE YEARS after that, that she was diagnosed and subsequently died of cancer. At no point during those several years did the man or his wife purchase their own health insurance or apparently take advantage of any number of free or low-cost medical care options.

Now that we’ve got the facts straight, lets play make believe and pretend that this ad isn’t totally based on lies. Even if the story in this ad were true, I’m sorry, are they saying that employers are responsible for the health and welfare of former employees??? And their families? And for how long? Once you’ve worked somewhere that company or person owes you for life? Since when is this the case?? Last I checked, the obligations of an employer to an employee were severed once that relationship ceased to be. I don’t think that’s really up for debate, so what are they basing Romney’s alleged responsibility for this woman on?? Doesn’t anyone notice that this entire premise doesn’t make one bit of sense??

And the irony is, here is a pro-Obama advertisement holding Mitt Romney, the private sector, responsible for providing health care to individuals. Hold on a minute, doesn’t that fly in direct contradiction to Obama’s health care bill that asserts it is the government’s responsibility to provide health care?? I guess to Liberals, pretty much anyone and everyone BUT the individual is responsible for that individual’s well being. Pretty telling of just how needy and helpless the Left seems to believe Americans are. Guess we’re all just looking for a handout since none of us has the ability to take care of ourselves.

Having some integrity and being responsible adult, I purchased my own health care plan, and will be damned if I blame someone else for my poor choices.

To Joe Soptic: You have exploited your late wife, and used her story as the basis for flagrant lies and misrepresentations to make baseless allegations against Mitt Romney and nonsensically blame him for your wife dying from cancer. And all as a backhanded boost for the Obama campaign. This ad and your actions are truly abhorrent, have no decency and no place in civilized society. Shame on you sir.

The Chick-Fil-A Controversy: Who is the Real Victim of Discrimination Here?

8 Aug

Ugh. Again, misinformation and selective hyper-sensitivity continue to plague our society. What the man, a devout Catholic said on a religious talk show was that he “supports traditional marriage” as do all Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Jews, 48 of our wonderful states, and the federal government. I mean really, is that such a surprise that a Catholic supports traditional marriage?? And in fact, the term gay wasn’t even mentioned in the interview.

So why all the shock? Why not boycott all religions and the 48 states that don’t allow gay marriage? And since when did support of one thing become hate of another?? What kind of backwards self-serving logic is that? If I support the U.S., do I hate Canada? If I support women’s right to abortion do I HATE children?? I mean, that’s what you’re saying here, really.

This man simply stated his belief in traditional marriage as a Catholic, just as anyone would assume he would. Just as a homosexual would support gay marriage, no surprise there either. Would that mean they hate straight people? According to this logic, yes.

So in sum, the only hate or bigotry really going on here is that of those who are boycotting and protesting against Chick-Fil-A… because the owner is Catholic.

Explain how I’m wrong-

Liberal Ignorance Strikes Again

7 Aug

Ok, I just couldn’t help myself here. Here is an article I just read and my response (we’ll see if it gets approved)…


Mitt’s Campaign Is Just One Lie After Another

With the economy as bad as it is, you’d think Mitt could build a campaign around the truth.  But noooooooooooooooo!

It’s just one lie after another.  The “You didn’t build it” crap, the “Obama doesn’t want our brave servicemen and women to vote in Ohio” garbage, and now Mitt’s ad about welfare.

In response to states’ requests for more flexibility on welfare requirements, including from some GOP governors, the Obama administration said yes, which the GOP should view as a victory for states’ rights, one of their pet causes.

But Mitt is twisting this devolution of power to the states as Obama just letting more lazy people collect welfare checks, which is not what this is about at all.  And what better issue than welfare to get that racist subtext across?  He’s black, of course he wants to make it easier for people to collect welfare.

BTW, when Mitt was governor of Massachusetts, he requested waivers under the Clinton welfare reform law. If Mitt is so cavalier about lying to us now, anybody think he’ll be honest once he’s sitting in the Oval Office?

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

First of all let me compliment you and say that I absolutely love this article. It encapsulates the heart of liberal ignorance in such a compelling manner. To address a few of your points:

1. Obama did say of people with their own business “…you didn’t build that.”

2. As I am sure you are up on your Constitutional law, the 10th Amendment reserves certain “police powers” like *health, safety, and education to the states, as the individual states are in a better position to make these determinations for their citizenry. This is why Mr. Romney’s actions as governor of Mass are not contradictory, but well in line with traditional principles of state sovereignty.

3. The only people taking issue or even making mention of President Obama’s race are liberals. How ironic that Conservatives see and refer to our President in terms of his policy and practice, but the very first descriptor liberals use to reference him with regards to any issue is his being Black. Isn’t our president a little more than just a Black guy?? Give the man some credit. And this from his own party, how insulting. Really.

Anyway, I don’t mean to insult, and I do respect your enthusiasm, but your article just seemed a bit misinformed.



30 Dec

But he CAN afford to take time off work to protest (unlike 99% of Americans) and his friend there can afford an iPhone 4. Tough times for these two. Way to make a mockery of those Americans who really ARE suffering financial strife.


Occupy Wall Street? How about you occupy the unemployment office or and do something productive with yourself?? Look, we all get it. The economy is awful. We all feel it. But it comes down to this: either endure or present a solution. This culture of self-entitlement and laziness is not only shameful but wholly counterproductive. Continue reading

The Arizona Immigration Law

22 Dec

Click Below to Read the PDF:

Senate Bill 1070: The Myth and The Law

Why Presidential Term Limits Are Out-Dated and Counter-Productive.

31 Aug

     Term limits were initially put into place for fear of tyranny.  We, as a nation had just fought a brutal battle against our former oppressors across the pond and thus valued democracy and freedom from a single all-controlling entity above all else; and we had come by this honestly.  
     Before invention of the myriad of avenues of communication that now exist, the concern that one person might pull the puppet strings of our government  behind a curtain of secrecy and without limitation was certainly viable.  However, in this “information age” where mass media,  and public scrutiny are at their zenith, the fear that any one person could evade answering to the will of the people is simply atavistic.  If anything, we are all too quick to force resignation upon our public officials for “sexting” and other scandalous affairs.   Continue reading

Criminality: Not a First Choice, But a Last Resort; and the Solution is Clear.

8 Jul

“Stay tuned for our segment, ‘Dumb Criminals’, right after the break.” Yes, Clearly. These Are Not People With a Myriad of Knowledge and Options.


   Why does the media insist on promoting segments of their antics by calling them “dumb criminals”??  I mean for redundancy’s sake!  Clearly the guy who is holding up a 7-11 for the grand score of about $64.00 was not the former valedictorian of his graduating class.  And aside from that .05% of criminals who are inherently evil, most all others are unwitting victims of circumstances not of their making.  It’s actually quite sad.  What we should be doing is not mock the resultant product, but focus our energies and resources into preventing it. Continue reading

Why Men Are So Shocked to Learn that Women Can Be Funny!!

22 Jun

Yep. Newsflash. Women are hilarious!

     …they just aren’t allowed to be if they ever want to bag a guy. Men pride themselves in their physical/athletic ability, problem solving capacity, and sense of humor over most all else when it comes to how they impress the fairer sex. So despite being equally comedically talented, women have learned not to outshine the boys in the humor department.

     This practice is reinforced every time a woman makes an awesome joke in mixed company, and is met wtih confused expressions as the men deliberate:

Surely she didn’t mean to be funny… so maybe she just doesn’t get it.  Ok, we’ll just pretend like she didn’t say anything so she doesn’t feel bad for being dumb.  Plus she’s cute, so we’ll let it slide.  

…Now, one of the dudes making that same joke, of course, would be deemed life of the party~

Best Music Videos Of All Time

22 Jun

Fear not, this is just the beginning of my list:

*Ask J.D.* – Giving Thoughtful  Advice on ANY TOPIC.

22 Jun

*Ask J.D.*

(Click *Ask J.D.* above to enter)

Trouble at home, work, wherever?? Just need general advice? Have any questions about one of my posts or need further clarification/explanation??  Do share.  I am happy to help.

“Ask J.D.” is an advice column by J.D. St. Michaels that covers an array of topics.  Offering realistic guidance and advice  for all of the obstacles life tends to throw at us.

Ex. Relationships, Work, Communication, School, Life…

Conflict Resolution

22 Jun

When the occasion arises, there is definitely a right way (or at least betterway) and a wrong way to resolve any point of contention.  Here are some basics to help you smoothly and amicably attain comity.

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The Perfect Word.

15 Jun

The English Language is Chock-A-Block with Colorful and Illustrative Words That Can Be Used to Describe Any Situation. Below is a List of Some of These Expressively Precise Words That You May Not Know You Always Needed.  Continue reading

U.S. Prison Overcrowding: Problem Solved.

19 Mar

I was shocked to learn that the United States houses 25% of the world’s prisoners.  Many of the prisons operating at 200% capacity.  This is a serious problem. However, decriminalization of particular drugs, sentencing/parole reform, plus swift and certain punishment would turn that all around.  Continue reading

U.S. Foreign Aid: How About We Secure OUR Oxygen Masks First??

12 Mar

   Call me crazy, but shouldn’t CA and the US put our money towards fixing our own economic crises: providing jobs, food and shelter to its tax-paying citizens before shelling out millions to aid every country hit by a natural disaster??  Trust me, we have PLENTY of starving people without homes, clothing, clean water, and… medical supplies right here in America.  Just throwin’ that out there-

PS: You don’t believe me??  Take a stroll down Skid Row. Continue reading

The Exclusionary Rule

13 Feb

In Re: Exclusionary Rule as a Check and Deterrent

113 U.S. 82 (2009)

CHIEF JUSTICE ST. MICHAELS delivered the opinion of the Court.

   Excluding evidence that is procured by violating the 4th Amendment is the strongest shield we have to protect against unlawful searches and seizures.  Those who argue that only the guilty benefit from this protection naively insult the very purpose of the 4th Amendment.  There can be no doubt that our founding fathers passed the 4th Amendment not to protect murderers and thieves from unreasonable searches and seizures, but to protect the innocent.  Continue reading

What’s NOT OK:

13 Feb

What’s NOT OK:   <–Click here for a list of  What’s NOT OK.

CORRECTION: Being 100 lbs. Overweight Does Not Make You “Curvy,” It Makes You Obese.

12 Feb

   “Big is Beautiful” “Real Women Have Curves” “The Body was Not Designed to Look Like That”

   Everyone’s heard Tyra’s “kiss my fat ass” comment (who is and was not fat btw) or women like Mo’Nique talk about how “real women have curves” and how she loves her body etc. etc..

  Ok, look. If you want to be fat, go ahead, be fat and happy. Santa rocks that look. More power to you.  Or you know, if you have a particular disease or other physical ailment which causes weight gain, that’s fine. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their skin. Continue reading


7 Feb

   It is the No. 1 fear of Americans. Death is second. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “…that means, if you are at a funeral, you’d rather be the person in the box than giving the speech.”

   Lord knows it can certainly feel that way. And I’m not talking to the people who “sometimes get butterflies.” I’m talking to the people who dread giving a speech months in advance, who will do anything to get out of speaking or reading in class or who forget to breathe and have to catch their breath mid-speech. Continue reading

The NCAA is Out of Control.

15 Oct

Funny illustration of the above point.  It should be noted that there’s much, MUCH more ridiculousness to the story however.

NCAA Animated Spoof

Dear Reggie: 6 Years Late, Millions Short.

16 Sep

Oh, so I read today that you are going to voluntarily give back the Heisman??  That’s so noble of you, Reggie.  Hey, so while you’re in a giving mood, how about you “voluntarily” give back the millions of dollars you cost USC when you decided to be a selfish a-hole and knowingly violate NCAA rules.  And clever guy, you even managed to hide your shady dealings from your coach and everyone else at the school thereby leaving them and only them on the hook for your misdeeds.  Continue reading

White Fish, Black Fish, Who the F Cares Fish When We all Share the  Same Shrinking  & Polluted Ocean???

8 Sep

   Ok, I’m sorry. I was watching Bill Maher last night and I simply can’t take it anymore.  It’s not just a Bill Maher thing, everyone does it, but the repeat episode I watched last night with guests Philippe Cousteau Jr. (hence my oceanic/ B.P. reference in the title), and Prof. Cornel West, was simply the last straw.  Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, perhaps it was the wine, but I found myself yelling at the panel like, “Wtf does it matter that whatever percent of white v. black families net income has been doing in response to changes in the U.S. economy??”  To me, race is just as significant in a discussion about our failing economy as is some one’s sex, religion, eye color or blood type.

The ARIZONA Debate: How politicians are knowingly misleading the public for their personal gain.

8 Sep

-Mayor Villaraigosa, I hate to say, but the only unconstitutional action within this whole debate is your boycott on the state of Arizona in violation of the Sherman Act-

     Yes, mid-term elections are coming up and both parties are looking to instigate controversy and rile citizens into the voting booths while also gaining favor from the Hispanic community.  Neither of which is a problem, unless of course the controversy is merely a tactical fabrication intended to manipulate the trusting public. Continue reading

CA Legalization of Marijuana

26 Aug

Answer: Legalization of marijuana.

Question: How do we…
1) solve prison overcrowding, 2) raise revenue for CA’s failing economy, 3) decrease prosecutorial spending, and 4) take a huge piece of the pie from drug dealers profiting on the black market thus also lowering common accompanying crimes??

Is Space Exploration Really a  Priority Right Now??

25 Aug

Ok look. Lord knows I love The Universe series on The History Channel. But given that our debt is in the trillions…Why in the world is our president talking about putting billions of dollars into NASA to explore Mars and deep space? Is this really where our money should be going right now??

It is for People Like This, I Would Suspend the 8th Amendment in a HEARTBEAT.

2 May

May 1, 2010.
     Though China has purposefully kept the publicity on these events low, this most abhorrent story has now been brought to the forefront of international attention. Continue reading

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