Dear Mitt Romney,

9 Aug

Why give this newest ad validation by attempting to defend yourself by showing how supportive and caring you were when your wife had cancer? Not only is this, “Mitt Romney killed my wife and doesn’t care” smear campaign commercial completely misrepresenting the facts, even if they were true it doesn’t make one bit of sense.

The Advertisement: The husband, Joe Soptic, worked for Bain Capital, was laid off, lost his health insurance that was also covering his wife, she got cancer and died 22 days later. It’s Mitt Romney’s fault, and he doesn’t care that she died.

The Facts: The husband was let go when the company was shut down in 2001. His wife worked elsewhere and had her own health insurance through that employer until she left that job due to an injury to her rotator cuff. So her health coverage had nothing to do with her husband’s unemployment, she had her own until she chose to leave her job. And it was not until some FIVE YEARS after that, that she was diagnosed and subsequently died of cancer. At no point during those several years did the man or his wife purchase their own health insurance or apparently take advantage of any number of free or low-cost medical care options.

Now that we’ve got the facts straight, lets play make believe and pretend that this ad isn’t totally based on lies. Even if the story in this ad were true, I’m sorry, are they saying that employers are responsible for the health and welfare of former employees??? And their families? And for how long? Once you’ve worked somewhere that company or person owes you for life? Since when is this the case?? Last I checked, the obligations of an employer to an employee were severed once that relationship ceased to be. I don’t think that’s really up for debate, so what are they basing Romney’s alleged responsibility for this woman on?? Doesn’t anyone notice that this entire premise doesn’t make one bit of sense??

And the irony is, here is a pro-Obama advertisement holding Mitt Romney, the private sector, responsible for providing health care to individuals. Hold on a minute, doesn’t that fly in direct contradiction to Obama’s health care bill that asserts it is the government’s responsibility to provide health care?? I guess to Liberals, pretty much anyone and everyone BUT the individual is responsible for that individual’s well being. Pretty telling of just how needy and helpless the Left seems to believe Americans are. Guess we’re all just looking for a handout since none of us has the ability to take care of ourselves.

Having some integrity and being responsible adult, I purchased my own health care plan, and will be damned if I blame someone else for my poor choices.

To Joe Soptic: You have exploited your late wife, and used her story as the basis for flagrant lies and misrepresentations to make baseless allegations against Mitt Romney and nonsensically blame him for your wife dying from cancer. And all as a backhanded boost for the Obama campaign. This ad and your actions are truly abhorrent, have no decency and no place in civilized society. Shame on you sir.

Love it or hate it? And why??

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