30 Dec

But he CAN afford to take time off work to protest (unlike 99% of Americans) and his friend there can afford an iPhone 4. Tough times for these two. Way to make a mockery of those Americans who really ARE suffering financial strife.


Occupy Wall Street? How about you occupy the unemployment office or Monster.com and do something productive with yourself?? Look, we all get it. The economy is awful. We all feel it. But it comes down to this: either endure or present a solution. This culture of self-entitlement and laziness is not only shameful but wholly counterproductive.

     Sure, anyone can sit on the ground and throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way—just ask any five-year-old. Adults however, understand that problems require active participation in bringing about a solution. So what are these “Occupiers” bringing to the table? What is their proposed plan to get the U.S. economy back on its feet? Moreover, do these protesters even have an actual message other than, “Hey, we’re pissed, so we intend to sit here and complain until someone else fixes things.”

   Ok, let’s be fair. Here is what Occupy Sacramento’s organizer had to say when CBS Channel 13 correspondent, Tony Lopez, asked what the occupiers’ message is:

 “Well right now it’s kind of vague.”

   Compelling. However he then assured Lopez that they had a “message team” working on it.

   So the message was still inchoate, that’s understandable. Let’s see what some of the suggested solutions to the economic strife have been…

   One passionate New Yorker suggested that we “Get rid of currency.”  Other N.Y. Occupiers proffered we simply change our political system to, among others, “Communism,” “Anarchy,” and “Primitivism”; all viable systems of governance.  I mean, if history teaches us anything…wait, no.  Nevermind.  

     Well, I suppose that wouldn’t even be so bad, because hey, that’s their prerogative. But this “peaceful” protest has caused far more harm that good. The irreverent Occupiers have destroyed property, littered city parks and monuments with trash and graffiti, and caused local businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost revenue.

     In the first two months alone, it is estimated that the Occupy Wall Street movement cost the targeted cities more than 13 million dollars worth of property damage and police overtime, among others—taxpayer dollars.

     Ironically enough, the “99%” isn’t hurting Wall Street as much as it is the small businesses adjacent to the protest sites. Destruction of property, vandalism, drug use, verbal attacks on passers by, not to mention public urination and defecation, not only deter business from local establishments but are also causing serious financial hardship as the businesses, not the protesters, have to pay for the cleaning, maintenance and increased security measures as a result.

     No, it doesn’t seem the Occupiers have much concern for anything other than their “vague” message—not even the environment. In fact, the human waste, trash and other materials left behind at protest sites have required Hazmat teams to clean.

     As for hiding behind the First Amendment, it has long been established that when it comes to speech or assembly in a public forum (such as city parks), the government may impart reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.  This is especially true where the speech being advocated adversely affects things such as public health and safety, traffic flow, property interests, the environment, and the administration of justice.

      So to conclude, the Occupiers have: trashed the major U.S. cities; further drained the economy; caused financial hardship for small businesses; and demonstrated a complete lack of respect for other people and the environment. As for Wall Street, well, it’s doing just fine.


  1. Civilian Actions December 30, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    The occupiers have started the ball rolling. What have you done to help right the wrongs?

    • tmguenther December 30, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

      I do agree with this post. In response to the comment, I have done a lot to right wrongs. I am an activist against world hunger, against the rape and female mutilation happening in other countries. I’m sorry, I don’t feel that people making over $50,000 a year and who have enough vacation to take off to protest have any wrongs to right. I do feel the 1% should be taxed accordingly, but I’m not going to complain because I’m jealous there are people out there who make A LOT more money then me. Life is unfair!!! get over it!!!

      • J.D. St. Michaels December 31, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

        Thank you very much for your response. I’m right there with you!

        Happy New Years Eve!

        ~ JD

      • Civilian Actions January 2, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

        I don’t think the Occupy protests are reacting out of jealousy. That’s a low-level emotion that some may feel, but not the majority. The protesters are reacting to a serious threat to our Democracy and Capitalist system. We need to keep both, Democracy and Capitalism…the American Way…and we need to fight to keep it. We are losing both right now, right beneath your nose. Many won’t understand until it affects them directly. Life is unfair.

    • J.D. St. Michaels December 31, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

      Though the question you posit is congruent with the “Occupy” message in its vagueness, I can tell you first and foremost I have not added to the problem and made things worse; which is the only real accomplishment the protesters can claim at the moment. Pointing out the absurdly obvious while further draining our collective resources is hardly noble nor does it “help right” anything. In fact, and as pointed out, this has only added to the problem. So hey, if you can’t “right the wrongs,” just stay home and don’t make things worse.

      And to answer your question, aside from my daily dedication to altruism and respecting my fellow man, I have given serious thought to an entire system of solutions and written out a platform on the same. So stay tuned for my benevolent dictatorship.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Best, JD

      • Civilian Actions January 2, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

        Just stay at home and don’t make things worse? I pray there are few who take that advise.

        The protesters have cost this country very little in the scheme of things. The resources they drain are minute compared to the resources drained by the un-American corporations who have sent our jobs abroad.

    • J.D. St. Michaels August 7, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

      Not made things worse, constantly give to charity as most Republicans do, and make sure that I am informed about the issues and never blindly follow the herd.

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