The Perfect Gift.

8 Dec

Having trouble figuring out what to buy that special someone, sibling, friend, or parent???

I’ve got you covered…

For Mom:

* Massage @ a Day Spa.  Try: Burke Williams, Equinox, Ritz Carlton (downtown).

* Designer Purse. Try: Coach, Dooney Bourke, Marc Jacobs.

* Perfume.  Marc Jacobs, Eternity by Calvin Klein, The One by D&G.

For Dad:

* Cigar/Scotch of the Month Club ( or whatever he’s into).

* Golf Lessons/Gear or Equipment.

* Classy Necktie. I suggest a good paisley one by Robert Talbott.  Found at Nordstroms, and several other dept. stores.

* Cologne.  Good “dad” scents are: Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein, Aramis, Drakkar Noir, and anything Calvin Klein.

* Monogram Cuff Links or Money-Clip.

* A Cool Gadget, Appliance, or Tool. From Brookstone or Sharper Image.


Winning Idea for Either

Parent or Both:

 * Family Photo Collage. This one is the all-time winner. Get/make digital copies of about 50-100 family photos over the years and make them into a photo collage. Picasa photo editor is great for this. Then take viz USB or email the collage to your nearest photo lab and have them print it out to poster size.  *Be ready with a box of tissue.


For Your Lady:

All “For Mom” suggestions above plus…

* Sexy Lingerie.  Try: Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Trashy Lingerie (also GREAT for Halloween costumes).

* Perfume.  Coco by Chanel, Light Blue by D&G, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.

* Jewelry.  Earrings are a good mid-priced gift in this category, plus much harder to pick out something she won’t like.

For Your Man:

All “For Dad” suggestions above plus…

* Season Tickets. To whatever team/venue enjoys.

* Sexy Lingerie.  You know where to buy this stuff…wear it proud.

* Cologne.  If you want your man to ooze of sexy sniffs try: Boss by Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, and last, but certainly not least as this is the best cologne ever made for enticing the ladies, the extremely appropriately named…–> Desire by Dunhill.

For Sis/Friend:

All of the Woman-Gifts above plus…

* Cute PJs.  Try: Victoria’s Secret, or any dept. store.

* Sephora Gift Set.  Gift sets are the best, but also try eyeshadow, unique body washes, nail polish, or make a gift set of your own.

For Bro/Friend:

All of the Man-Gifts above plus…

* Sports Jersey.  His favorite team of course.

* Boxing Lessons with a personal trainer.

* Personalized Beer Mugs/ Shot Glasses/ Zippo Lighter.

For Anyone:

* DVD Box Set.

* Concert/Sport Tickets.

* “____ ” of the Month.

* Personalized Gifts.

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