Why Presidential Term Limits Are Out-Dated and Counter-Productive.

31 Aug

     Term limits were initially put into place for fear of tyranny.  We, as a nation had just fought a brutal battle against our former oppressors across the pond and thus valued democracy and freedom from a single all-controlling entity above all else; and we had come by this honestly.  
     Before invention of the myriad of avenues of communication that now exist, the concern that one person might pull the puppet strings of our government  behind a curtain of secrecy and without limitation was certainly viable.  However, in this “information age” where mass media,  and public scrutiny are at their zenith, the fear that any one person could evade answering to the will of the people is simply atavistic.  If anything, we are all too quick to force resignation upon our public officials for “sexting” and other scandalous affairs.  
     Given our microscopic focus on all those in the public eye, especially the government, the need to prevent tyrannical reign through a forced ouster after 8 years is both unnecessary and counter-productive to our efficiency and success as a nation.  If there is really a problem with the current president, a remedy for that is already in place: Impeachment.
Here is the pattern created by our current system of a Presidential 2-term limit:
  1. The first half of Term 1 is dedicated to learning the job and dealing with the former president’s mess.
  2. The second half of Term 1 is dedicated to re-election.
  3. Then by the time Term 2 is rolls around, and The Prez finally has his feet wet and can focus on implementing change, he’s being ushered out of office only to have the same stasis encouraging cycle repeat itself with the next president.
—> Am I wrong??

2 Responses to “Why Presidential Term Limits Are Out-Dated and Counter-Productive.”

  1. Jeremy K at 6:34 pm #

    I see your point, and in our state of constant and fairly hateful politics it is really wearing to know that not much is going to really be accomplished in the final year of the first term (like now), and that we’re going to have to suffer yet another year of big budget useless posturing – but at the same time, if a leader truly sucks, we should have the ability to get them the heck out of there sooner than later. I just wish there wasn’t so much constant campaigning by everyone involved.

  2. ZachWeiss at 4:26 pm #

    Yep. Totally agree.

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