13 Excellent and EASY Ways to Lift Your Mood When Life Hands You Lemons.

18 Jun

  …and no, making lemonade isn’t one of them.  F*ck lemonade.  Here’s what you do-

   Quick Disclaimer: There is a lot more science and psychology behind many of these tips I’m about to give you, but being that I am neither vying for a Pulitzer nor trying to bore you to death, I am going to spare you most of that business and just hit you with it.  That work??  Great.  Here are some things you can do to instantly lift your mood. They work, and the more the merrier (so to speak). Ehem.

   Number one…

1. Force a Smile; Fake a Laugh. As silly as this sounds, it’s been scientifically proven that both smiling and laughter produce mood lifting chemicals in the brain…and so does FAKING it! No joke.  This physiological reaction is so deeply engrained in your system that even a fake smile, or fake laughter will trigger the release of serotonin, endorphins along with other mood and health boosting chemicals.

2. Smell the Roses.  Yes, certain scents can quickly and easily lift your mood.  The smell of fresh roses is a prime example.  Splurge and buy yourself a bouquet, it adds to the decor of any room, and you can take a big whiff every time you pass by. Also try: Rosemary, Basil, or Mint.

3. Brighten Someone Else’s Day.  Whether it’s holding the door open for a stranger, paying someone a compliment, offering to help out a friend, spending a few hours doing volunteer work…any and all of this will prove most beneficial for you.

   This is a huge one and serves a dual purpose.  First, when you’re feeling down and just wallowing in your own misery, it forces you to get outside yourself.  You must necessarily focus on some other person or cause, their needs, feelings, or goals- there is simply no time for indulgent pouting or self-defeating thoughts.

   Second, who doesn’t feel good when you make someone else happy?? We are creatures of reciprocation–we like to mirror each other.  Be it facial expressions, attitude, or other body language.  When they smile at us, we smile back. When they feel loved and appreciative toward us, we suddenly experience these emotions. It’s weird wacky science, but tested and true! Find out for yourself!!

4. Do Your Chores.  Yep. Just doing your routine errands, cleaning and other chores will give you the sense of accomplishment.  No matter how small each may be. It’s just a fact.  We feel bad when we put things off, and feel good when we get things done. Another double-whammy!

5. Buy a Bottle of Mom’s Perfume or Dad’s Cologne.  Same idea with the roses.  Smell and memory are so interrelated and both are tied to mood.  So, try this: Go out and buy the fragrance that your mom, dad or whoever played the role of the comforter in your childhood.  A whiff of that scent will bring you right back into that safe, comforting, blanky-land when Santa was real and you had not a care in the world.

6. Force a Cry.  Either one of two things will happen, both making you feel better. 1. You will be able to cry, thus releasing toxins from your body, relieving stress, and just making you feel all around better. Or, 2. You will find yourself unable to cry, no matter how hard you try, thus forcing the realization that, well, I guess things aren’t really that bad.  

7. Get Some UV Rays.  For all but the un-dead, sunlight can be very beneficial.  Catching the sun’s UV rays releases endorphins; so do tanning beds which is why literally, some people become addicted to it.  But in moderation, an excellent, easy, and free way to lift your spirits.

8. Do Some Cardio.  You already know this one, so get off your lazy ass and at least go for a walk.  The fresh air will do you some good too.

9. Kiss the Sky. You ever just stare up at the sky, out at the ocean, or up into space and realize just how small and insignificant you really are??  This change in perspective can be most relieving when you realize that the clouds, the vast oceans, the aliens out in space, could not care less about your job, or your failed romance, etc..  Life is much bigger than you.  It can be extremely burden lifting to remember that once in a while.

1o. Get Dressed Up.  I don’t care if you aren’t going anywhere.  Everyone feels good when they look their best.  You feel ready for anything, and most often, it even prompts you to want to be social so as to not waste such an aesthetically pleasing ensemble milling around in your living room.  Hell, go to the grocery store and just pretend you are going to or coming back from some spectacular event.  You’ll enjoy the admiring looks, and may even meet someone!

11. Dance & Sing.  Hey, either or.  Or play an instrument.  All of these activities are known to release endorphins and calm the nerves.

12. Take a Field Trip to the Coffee Bean.  Never hurts to put a little pep in your step when you’re feeling down as energy is the virtual antithesis of gloom and sadness. So go treat yourself to a tasty dose of caffeine.  Smile at the people in the store- watch them smile back.  You’re well on your way!

13. Hit the Showers.  You see it all the time in movies but probably never thought about it.  Why is it that every time someone goes through some horrifying event, they end up in the shower for comfort??  Hey, I don’t know.  But something about the hot water and act of cleansing is extraordinarily soothing.  You don’t have to be dirty, just hop in!

2 Responses to “13 Excellent and EASY Ways to Lift Your Mood When Life Hands You Lemons.”

  1. Henri Baker at 5:09 pm #

    wasnt there something about mint and lavender too? cool thoughts though will pass it on

    • J.D. St. Michaels at 10:58 pm #

      Yes, those are listed as well, but I can not personally vouch for them. I try to make sure everything I endorse comes from personal experience. Whatever works for you though-



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