“Appearance is Everything” –  Truth in Cliches

10 Jun

Unfortunately, this is true. You have made up your mind about somebody within the first 5-10 seconds of seeing and or talking to them. Of course eventually one is going to require more depth then looks alone and a good first impression, but you don’t GET the chance to show off your amazing personality and well-roundedness if you don’t make a good enough impression to begin with.
   That is, they aren’t going to take the time to get to know you if you don’t pass that initial insta-evaluation you undergo in the first moments of introduction.
Let’s take a metaphor for example. I shall compare this situation to food. Now, if someone should place a new dish in front of you, something you have never had before; in the first moments after its placement you notice that it both has a funny odor and looks like it has already been partially digested. Now, this could be the most amazing meal you have ever had should you give it a try…but are you going to give it a fair chance and take a bite? Probably not. Who knows what kind of offensive experience awaits you. Say you are the kind of person who doesn’t jump to rash judgment. Good for you. So you take a bite- it isn’t terrible, but by the looks of it, you also aren’t going to go digging around until you find a bite that is. You follow?
People are enticed, like with food, by the initial impression or appearance of something. I didn’t say it’s fair or nice or the way things should be. They just are. And that same behavior is paralleled by how we make decisions about strangers or people we just met. No matter how good of a person you want to be, and never “judge a book by its cover,” it happens. It is human nature, it’s unavoidable, so deal with it.

     When you meet someone new, all they have to go on is your looks, and the first few things that pop out of your mouth. That’s it. In their mind they have filled in the blanks and formulated an idea of the kind of person you are based on those few factors. Obviously, they could be completely wrong- but you’ll never get the chance to prove it. So, in general, make a good impression, huh? Take care of yourself and keep your stuff together. I’m not saying to bring your A-game everywhere you go 24-7, but be aware that those first few moments are crucial. When you go out with the expectation of being social, that is certainly the time to look your best and be on point. But don’t display each and every one of your best qualities and attributes. If you give away too much, they won’t NEED to get to know you. Instead, give a taster-sample of what you have to offer. You know, like the little beer samplers you can get at The Yard House.
     You can present yourself as anything really, they don’t know the difference. I’m not suggesting you be insincere, but this is a perfect chance to maybe work on something you’d like to change. If you appear confident and together but are really shy and a little self-conscious, they won’t know it. They will see an attractive, interesting person. Meeting new people gives you a blank canvas, draw yourself however you want. Quite a liberating opportunity if you ask me. Be the person you WANT to be, and naturally have what it takes to back it up. That’s the easy part. The hardest part is simply getting someone to be interested enough to even care.
First impressions are everything and appearance makes up about 95% of the first impression you give. You can get dates as well as job offers by being well put together. Exude confidence in yourself, and others will follow in suit.

One Response to ““Appearance is Everything” –  Truth in Cliches”

  1. Ashley A June 11, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Absolutely true!

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