PAYING IT FORWARD. One Random Act  of Kindness Per Diem.

13 Feb

   What a brilliant concept.  Really.  I mean to any good natured person it seems easy and obvious; but in the rush of our busy lives I think we all too often forget to live outside ourselves.  Even if momentarily.
   If we were to set the goal of doing even just one kind act for a stranger each day, I truly believe it would start to catch on and make a difference.  I’m not proposing you go out and get your ass beat like the Sixth Sense kid; a simple smile will do.  It really is contagious, though. 
    I was at the grocery store last week (no, not Vons thank God).  As I was waiting in one of the two endless checkout lines a new checker appeared to have opened up, but it was too far to see.  The woman behind me urged me to please go ahead and step into the newly opened, no-wait line.  Not being able to verify that a new line had really had opened, and not wanting to lose my place in the one I was in, I politely declined.  The lady, having realized my quandary, took it upon herself to grab her things, walk over to new check stand to confirm.  Not a moment later was she waving at me to come over and then ushered me in ahead of her. 
   You know, when people go out of their way to be kind to you like that, the surprise and gratitude you feel practically compels you to seek out an opportunity to do the same for another.  It really does.
   Even in the worst of moods, a friendly glance or gesture by a complete stranger can make all the difference.  You then pause and realize, this person doesn’t know you, doesn’t want anything from you, but is being considerate and respecting you simply for being a fellow human being.  And in this quid pro quo and value-judgment based society we seem to live in, selfless exchanges like that are truly refreshing.  They are also an important reminder that every person walking the earth has value– and not solely based upon their looks, talent, money, or social standing.
   Not only that, but you realize, that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your trivial dilemmas.  More, that none of us is unique–we all share the same struggles in life. And sometimes, even the smallest of benevolent acts can make all the difference.

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