Trendy & Upscale L.A. Dining

15 Sep

Located in prime Beverly Hills real estate, this restaurant certainly lives up to its name. The decor is classy yet thought provoking (note the potted ferns hanging from the pillars above). It is the food, however, that truly embodies the namesake.
   I began my meal/adventure by sampling some chemically engineered olives. Yes, that’s correct. Not actually olives, but an invention of Jose Andres, the chef (who I am convinced has an advanced bio-chem degree). Though these may look like ordinary olives as they are quite gingerly ladled one by one onto gigantic white tasting spoons, they are anything but. The only way I can explain it is to say that they are made of an opaque olive colored membrane, as you let sit on your tongue eventually pop revealing an olive infused and indeed delightfully decadent liquid.
   By the time the cotton candy filled martini glass arrived (which then somehow later became one of the best mojitos I’ve ever had) I simply decided to embrace the fact that none of these Spanish tapas were going to be quite like the ones mom used to make. Innovative, titillating, and most importantly supremely delicious, each item is teeny-tiny, so expect to order several dishes.
465 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
For Dining Reservations, call
(310) 246-5555

XIV- by Michael Mina

FOURTEEN restaurant: It’s like dining in the luxurious living room of a extremely wealthy host.  If you are looking for something new, truly unique and uber trendy, XIV is a must.  The ambiance is dark, lavish, sexy, and unlike any other restaurant in Los Angeles.  Chockablock with attractive and sophisticated Hollywood clientele, it is also a fantastic place to see and be seen.
  The portions are small and tastey.  XIV is the perfect place to impress a date, but is as equally appropriate for a classy night out on the town with your best chums. 


8117 Sunset Blvd. @ Crescent Heights
Los Angeles, CA 90046
For Dining Reservations, call
(323) 656-1414

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