Pick Your Poison- Looks AREN’T Everything

25 Aug

Here is why dating in Los Angeles is so challenging. It is because good-looking people (Gap commercial quality and above) generally fall into one of these categories:
        An attractive man will also be either…
             • Stupid
             • Gay
             • An Asshole
        An attractive woman will also be either…
             • Stupid
             • Crazy w/without a twist of Asshole
             • Desperate

Honestly, this phenomenon is all very “Adam Smith” (for those who took high school Econ.).  Basically, there is such high demand and yet low supply of attractive people, that there really is no incentive for them to be well-rounded.  Competition among this group is minimal, thus virtually disposing of the need to be talented and interesting for the purposes of outshining the rest.  It’s classic Market Theory people.

     So long as you have one or two things going for yourself, that seems to be acceptable.  So if you fall into that category, then your dim, untalented ass has it made.  It’s quite true that ignorance is bliss (e.g. The Girls Next Door).
     The problem with this system only really exists for the 2% of the LA population who IS well-rounded.  And it’s a REAL problem.  For attractive, smart, considerate and talented people, it is nearly impossible to be attracted to anyone that is severely lacking in any of those categories (as the other 98% are).  These positive traits mix like oil and vinegar when it comes to their unbecoming counterparts.  And like many, I have tried to compromise and make it fit.
     Attempting conversation with dolts made me want jab a fork in my eye.  No amount of alcohol could possibly make a 30 discussion of hair product interesting.  Then there is the smart person with no sense of humor.  I really don’t want to spend half of my night explaining why things are funny, or looking at a blank stare.  Crazy can be fun, for a minute, but then you start to feel like it might be contagious.  The most tolerable type so far has been the assholes because they can keep a conversation, and unlike the crazies, you at least know what you’re going to get.
     As for the theoretical 2%, a good portion of them is already taken, leaving around a .05% left out there all alone in the world; trying to sift through the masses and locate their rarest of equals before experience convinces them that like-specimens are only a myth.

One Response to “Pick Your Poison- Looks AREN’T Everything”

  1. CINDY ASHLEY MILLER August 3, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Luv the way u tie this post into Adam Smith and Economics…Nearly everything u posted, is true in MIAMI, FLORIDA, as well. ;-)

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