25 Aug

   As Spike Lee would say. And by that, I mean being yourself and doing the right thing even when not noticed or appreciated. This type of doing the right thing is a quality of the especially noble. This is a great practice in that it reveals true character. It is difficult and thus rare however, because by human nature we require/expect a reaction and or praise for our good deeds. TRUE character is exemplified in the person who stays true to themselves and does what is right even though it goes either unnoticed or unappreciated. We shouldn’t only do good when it is noticed.
   Here’s the other one. You never know when someone is paying secret attention to your good deed. Likewise, is the case where something you did initially went unnoticed, but was later recognized. And these deeds, when discovered, will be valued even more for the fact that you had made no effort to call attention to them; you simply acted out of the principle that it was the right thing to do.
   Finally, and despite recognition, you can and should still take pride in knowing that you took the high road even where there was no pat on the back for doing so (something few people seem to do). You will have piece of mind that you remained a person of strong moral fiber and good character. This kind of nobility will show through in everything you do whether other’s are aware of each individual act or not. A person who is true to themself, does the right thing and stands up for their beliefs and values, will have little to regret in life.

Love it or hate it? And why??

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