It is for People Like This, I Would Suspend the 8th Amendment in a HEARTBEAT.

2 May

May 1, 2010.
     Though China has purposefully kept the publicity on these events low, this most abhorrent story has now been brought to the forefront of international attention.
     After losing their jobs to the poor economy we are all suffering, not one, but at least five men in China (acting independently) decided to air their frustrations by breaking into local schools and attacking preschool and kindergarten age children using hammers, machetes, and some bringing jug of gasoline to light them on fire.  Killing ten, and maiming/disfiguring many, many more.  There have been a string of these attacks. Five different attacks in five different provinces of China within the last month.  Three of which occurred in the last few days.
     I really don’t think I have ever heard of a more disgusting and depraved occurrence in my lifetime.  My only moment of slight satisfaction while reading the L.A. Times article was the part that read, “One of the attackers, Zheng Minsheng, who stabbed eight pupils to death March 23 in Nanping, Fujian province, was a community health doctor who was unable to afford to buy an apartment and who lost his job. He was executed Wednesday.” – L.A. Times, May 1, 2010.

     Though, and I say this with sincere conviction, I think that individuals committing atrocities of this nature are deserving of public torture, and I for one would be happy to implement such a program.  I would like to go on about my disgust, but there truly are no words-
Please read the article, I barely did it justice.

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